How To Talk To Anyone With Confidence

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!"

Famous words from an iconic movie (Dirty Dancing in case you're not in the know).

But sadly, as kids, many of us WERE put in the corner. Told to be quiet, stop misbehaving and that we were being 'silly' if we fully expressed ourselves.

Then we bring that into adulthood. Where a social occasion is rife with awkward straw twirling - and you hope a few drinks will take the edge off the fear.

Or timidly hiding in your office cubicle, hoping that maybe... just maybe - you get a promotion without having to ask for it.

If you relate to this, you're not alone.

As a lucky human, we have the freedom of speech. But a lot of people are so stunted (because of past experience) - that their voice is literally choked.

The tightness in your body, tension in your throat and that niggling thought in your head, 'What if I'm myself and they don't like me?' locks everything up in your mind & body. Which skews the way you interact with people.

So you keep quiet - secretly wishing you were someone who had the guts to declare what you want.


Well I've Got Something To Tell You...

Confidence isn't something you either have or you don't. It's a way of being that you already ARE.

All that's going on is a little lack of skill and training in how to bring it out.


When you unlock your body, you unlock your breathe.

When you unlock your breathe, you unlock your voice.

When you unlock your voice, you unlock yourself.

It's not the words we use that have the most impact on people.

It's the tonality, volume, speed and pitch of our voice that makes the biggest impact.

38% of our overall communication is through voice tone. Body language is 55% and words are a measly 7%.

So to communicate powerfully, you need to think, feel AND project confidence.

Which manifests in your thoughts & feelings... and comes out in your words, facial expressions, body & voice.


There's A Beast Inside Of You Waiting To Be Unleashed!

I work with you to unleash that beast.

Or more specifically, your 'primal' voice. That is, the voice that comes out clear, strong and authentic... and I train you to tap into that voice more & more until it's always there.

I use combination of tools; Meditation, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga & Linklater Voice Method to help you;

Get out of your head

Into your body

Connect to your breath

And project your most primal voice.

So you communicate clearly, audibly and confidently.

Which improves your relationships... and life!